Monday, January 26, 2015

There and back again?

Heh. someone posted a torrent with a 3 hour edited version of the Hobbit.

I'm sure the copyright cops will find it and sue, but hey, for those of us who prefer to skip over the special effects (so beloved by kids) and fake romance (must keep the girls happy when they watch with their boyfriends), it's quite nice and a lot closer to Tolkien, with more emphasis on Bilbo than the Jackson version.

Also emphasized: The elven king rocks (he resembles the fey elf in Hellboy 2) and with the elf dwarf romance cut, one starts to appreciate his older brother who takes quiet responsibility, especially for his stupid younger sibling. However, the other dwarves lose their personalities (which also mirrors Tolkien's book).

no, I'm not posting a link. It might be illegal in your country.

I rarely download movies (which are available at the Palenke and quite cheap). But I do download, usually BBC stuff like Downton Abbey that takes 3 years to get here and often is played late at night when I am asleep.

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