Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Family news

Ruby needs one more paper to get her visa for her Japan trip. The nearest office is in the next province so I agreed to let them use my car. 

Ah, but my key is missing...and the father will not let them use "his" car. And we have been told we are staying in "his" house only as long as he allows us.

The car was bought for me by my husband, and the house was supposed to be mine, but because legally I can't own such things, they were in his name.

The will hasn't gone through, but presumably if the son adjudicates the will, it will all be taken by him.


I wonder if he will reimburse me for the tires slashed when he and his gay lover were partying in a bad area of town? I didn't think the slashes were bad until one of the tires blew it cost me 800 dollars to replace the tires. 

Oh well: Joy just has to stick it out until Duterte legalizes divorce, then she can sue for half the property. Alas, she is a Christian and will probably turn the other cheek...

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