Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Shadow theatre

Most Americans do a type of "shadow" story telling to their kids, usually using a "duck" made with the hand.

But I became aware of the Chinese "shadow play" type theatre in a Chinese language movie (I can't remember the name) where the poor protagonist inherits the puppets and keeps his family alive telling stories with them.

More HERE.

Shadow play is an old tradition and it has a long history in Southeast Asia; especially in IndonesiaMalaysiaThailandand Cambodia. It is also considered as an ancient art in other parts of Asia such as in ChinaIndia and Nepal. It is also known in the West from TurkeyGreece to France

so I was interested when today's LATimes has a story about a Persian story using shadow theater being shown there, and a short biography of the Iranian artist behind the show.

why LA? Because of it's huge Iranian population.

(estimated 300 thousand, a diverse group).

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