Friday, March 17, 2017

Another day, another try by the elites to take back the government

 Lots of stuff about Obama's deep state attempt to undermine Trumpie boy, but today Drudge reports an "impeachment" attempt against Duterte.

Relaity check.

Impeachments (and military coup attempts) are a dime a dozen: there were several against our lovely ex president Arroyo, who never stole a thing but somehow got rich during her presidency, not to mention the "hello Garci" scandal where she discussed stuffing the ballot box.

No serious attempts during PNoy's time in office. He was weak but didn't seem to stp on people's toes.

Ah, but Duterte? He's blamed for every murder in the Philippines: Not just those by the cops but half of the murders listed tend to be "payback" murders, by folks who got tired of waiting for justice delayed or by those who were just trying to clean up the place of drugs on their own...

The "international" types got aghast. No one in the international community dares to attack the Mexican president for the drug related murders there, including those by drug gang wars and crooked cops and politicians.

ah, but even the guy who placed the "impeachment" complain admits he is blaming Duterte for these private payback murders:

Alejano, a former marine officer who was accused of involvement in a failed coup attempt several years ago, denied his complaint was part of an extraconstitutional attempt to unseat Duterte. In his complaint, Alejano echoed rights activists' label of Duterte as a "cheerleader" for encouraging the "summary executions" of drug suspects in violation of their rights to life and due process.
Alejano is one of those who attempted a military coup against Gloria Arroyo

but unlike the others, he is now a patsy for a liberal party takeover of the government.

the sexy vixen and favorite of the international elite is in the Liberal party and probably part of this too.

Like the "deep state" stuff on conspiracy type websites, the Philippines has it's own "deep state": The elite families who are all related to each other

here is an old article (2014)  from the PhilInquirer that outlines how the clans run the Philippines.

and many have deep links with the US and international order. So as soon as Duterte took over, you saw a lot of the same meme "DRUG KILLINGS" all with the same stories and same "statistics" and (like Trump) the same "inflammatory" remarks (usually out of context, or interpreting a humorous/ironic quip as if it were a serious comment).

What is missing? Most people back Duterte because it means the common people are safer. Yes a poll showed a huge number of people who admitted they "feared" a friend or acquaintance might be killed, but hey, we have huge extended families, and we know some of them are druggies or pushers, but since families come first, it's not like we would report them to the (crooked) cops.

The same "yes we want justice but we protect our own" ideas also means that Gloria was freed after the UN said she was jailed for political reasons, and then the Supreme court threw out her case.

Follow the links. GMA was a classmate of Bill Clinton, the "Human rights" lawyer was the "wife" of a movie star who holds fundraisers for Hillary.  And probably more links if I knew more about all of this.

GMA got into office because her father was a popular president, and later she ran as VP, and later threw out ERAP, who was popular, because of "Corruption". in a "people power" uprising II.

The problem? She was even more corrupt, of course, and the backstory of an infamous massacre was that the politician involved stole the election for her and figured he would not be prosecuted.

The American girl was the CIA pick for president, but late in the election cycle, Duterte entered and ended up winning.

But our president and VP are from different parties.

So now we have a VP who got in because her populist husband died in a plane crash. He was populist, but she is from one of the big families.

But Duterte is popular, so the common people won't go for another "spontaneous" revolution. Hence impeachment, using the liberal party who lost the election.

And it will go nowhere. But never mind.

It's better for the MSM to point to drug killings in the Philippines to smear Duterte, not to point out that the Philippines was in danger of becoming another drug cartel state like Mexico, where last time I looked, had seen 20 thousand people killed last year.

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