Thursday, March 16, 2017

Internet free zone

One of the advantages of the internet going out is that I am reading books (not watching a lot of TV since the news is nonsense and most of what is on is junk or in Tagalog, including the Korean dramas that Ruby loves so much). And a lot of the  hype seems repetetive anyway.

David Warren comments on an internet free world:

It takes only three days away from the sources osf anxiety to free one from their iron grip, though much longer to quench the fire they leave burning. I was reminded of this over the weekend, in Ottawa to attend the obsequies for my remarkable friend, Mary Scheer. This took me away from my computer, in which I find the daily news, and upon return to the High Doganate, Monday night, I discovered in myself a decided indifference towards catching up. When I did get around to checking, I saw that there was nothing new in the news: only more “dog shit,” if I may lift a term from a recent Joseph Epstein essay. Why do we waste our consciousness on it? More precisely: why do I?
on the other hand, if China decides to invade Luzon to divert their citizens from the lousy economy, I might like a day or two warning.

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