Thursday, March 16, 2017

For later reading

the internet has been going off in the heat of the day  for the last few days. Something to remember the next time you read all those happy memes about being a cashless society.

lots of political stuff bookmarked so I can read later (the internet often comes back on at sunset)

Spengler on Iran ruining their economy to help Syria.

father Z on nuns pushing fake contemplation. Wasn't she one of those who are pushing the "we are evolving to a higher power" a few years ago?

trump the tweeter: the real story of rolling back unilateral presidential decrees is being ignored.

China again destroys the environment to build a new island to steal land owned traditionally by Vietnam.

FLP podcast: Camille Paglia discusses her latest book mp3

Austin Bay writes the Navy needs more frigates.

What's a frigate?

Though smaller than other line warships, frigates were "built tough and rugged" to operate with the fleet's big ships in all sea conditions. Frigates provided an anti-air and anti-sub "screen" for aircraft carrier battle groups and carried a mix of weapons. Most frigates carried a helicopter and a deck gun (usually 76 mm) capable of rapid fire. The ship had the tools to conduct a solo Freedom of Navigation Operation.

Wikipedia link here.

GetReligion notes that CNN's religion "expert" tends to report on the extreme wackos, not main stream believers...he has smeared Christ and traditional Christian beliefs in his book, and now has a tv program to smear everyone else I guess. Smearing and mis reporting the beliefs and practices is routine for Christians, where we see smears and trumpets of heretical scholars every holy day season. But his smear, portraying a tiny offshoot sect as if they were an example of the beliefs of a billion Hindus is causing protests.


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