Saturday, March 24, 2018

Facebook and fake news

Facebook: heh. They were spying on your information all that time.

on the other hand, since the Chinese hackers already have my federal OPM file, why should I worry if the Trumpettes or snowflakes get my personal information to "manipulate" the election?

Data collecting is nothing new.

I mean, they already do that type of stuff for elections: When Obama was running, we used to get phone calls in Spanish to push us to vote for Democrats.

where did they find that information? From our voter registration, or from the phone book?
The problem? Lolo was a Republican, and a FilAm and didn't speak Spanish.

As for the hype of manipulating the elections via fake news on Facebook: you mean you find news stories there?

I use facebook for keeping up with the relatives, but tend to avoid going there, because I have to wade through propaganda: my leftist friends put up two minute hates (usually straw man arguments againt Christianity: hey one Christian in Tulsa said X so all Christians are A..h....and evil).
On the other hand, my Christian relatives keep putting up stuff like: If you love Jesus, share this. So it balances out.

Question: why is no one looking at Google News and it's selections of stories? I stopped using it because they were touting headlines that were meaningless, not the explantion behind the headlines...and often now, you can't read the full story because they are behind a pay wall anyway.

And don't get me started on the TV news. CNN is crap: and not just in their anti Trump bias. And Ralph Peters is right: Fox (which we just got on our cable) is now morphing into propaganda too.

Oh well: we do have AlJezeerah, the BBC, and Bloomberg.

but I get most of my news on the internet.

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