Friday, March 23, 2018

Family news

cooler today: Only in the low 80s.

Our watchdog is feeling better and chasing cats again.

Kuya is busy at the harvest, so busy he is unable to sign a paper permitting his daughter to travel alone (she is underage) so the first alternative is that I will go to Canada and pick her up.

As Drudge says: Developing.

Boracay won't be closed, at least not the entire island, so Jordan's wedding there is back on.

There is a sign in the mall saying they will hold mass there are 4pm on Sunday. I prefer church, but the mall is airconditioned, and I tend to faint in church (which is why I go at 5:30 am). So maybe I will manage to go to church on Palm Sunday and Easter, where the church is so crowded I usually can't find a seat and often have to leave.

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