Tuesday, March 06, 2018

interspecies love

the oscars are redux, with the same old meme being pushed down the throat of those who watch the show, which explains why their ratings are so low. No, I didn't watch it: I haven't seen most of the films anyway, so I just don't care.

The old saying is: if you want to send a message, send a telegram i.e. don't do it in a movie... or distort entertainment into propaganda. A classic in books/plays/movies can mold one's view of an episode, but the reason they are classic is that they have universal themes: topical themes tend to go out of date quickly.

I did see the film that won: a parable/fairy tale on interspecies love and understanding. And how "outsiders" can fight the powerful. That is, of course, a good theme: but who are the "outsiders"?

However, DelToro did that theme of interspecies love before, in the Hellboy series, and did it more entertainingly, I might add. But in Hellboy, the government uses the species to protect normal people against evil paranormals (Rasputin and Nazis), and Hellboy's adopted father is a Catholic... Who wudda thot.
In those films, there is interspecies love (Hellboy's and Aquaman's) without graphic scenes.

But of course "water" is art: Hellboy is just a comic. So whatever.


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