Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Plain women win oscars

No one commenting on the Oscars has notice this, but this year's actresses played real characters who were ordinary looking (i.e. real) women.

the lead in the best picture was supposed to be a plain looking woman, played by Sally Hawkins. And you believed she had a sad life and could sympathize with an alien creature who was isolated away from his home.

She is also starring in the Paddington series of movies.

and of course the big winner was Frances MacDormand, best known for her role as a police woman in Fargo.

I didn't see Three billboards, but to give you a good idea of her ability to act:

watch her facial expressions in this snip:

and she also was in the underrated art type film:

Another role that was good was in LadyBird.... You can tell she's gorgeous playing a plain girl with a bad hair day. but she is at least believeable in doing this.

My granddaughter loved it as an example of teenaged angst, but I didn't really like the character, who was spoiled and self centered, and if I can't care about a character, often I just turn the TV off.

But it's nice that movies are allowing women to star who actually look like an ordinary person, i.e. real, not a Hollywood or Hallmark movie beauty.

and yes, Gary Oldman deserved his oscar.

as for "call me by your name": geez. reminds me of a boring Merchant/Ivory, or a Hallmark movie (with a gay romance instead of the g rated types) about spoiled beautiful people who don't have to work or worry about money.

as for GetOut: yes, it was an original screenplay. Not a great movie, but it was original.

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