Friday, March 09, 2018

Sorry Oprah

Oprah is being pushed by her employer to run for president so she can "heal" the country.

One big push is the newly released movie "A Wrinkle in Time", which is based on a classic Scifi/fantasy juvie type book.

Whoops: Ain'tItCoolNews, a geek site that rarely gives a bad review to monster/scifi/fantasy/horror films, hated it: and not because of it's themes but because it was technically a bad film, with irregularities and gaps in the story line, bad editing and weird cinematography.

Sigh. Too bad.

This is a "Disney' remake (they did an earlier version for TV, which was also pretty awful). And the previews all stress Oprah is the star.

Too bad: these films can be done well: look at LOTR and Harry Potter.

But the story has to be a story about a person, and in the book it is about Meg's character arc: accepting her limitations and what she considers her faults (i.e. stubborness: she doesn't get along in school due to stubborness, but the stubborness makes her be able to resist the "it" character's brainwashing).

audiobook here:

book 2 A Wind in the Door

Book 3 A swiftly tilting planet

quick: Download or listen to them before the copyright cops find they are there.

Note: I brought the books with me to the Philippines, and have many of L'Engle's books of essays with me too..

best book of essays: The Summer of the Great Grandmother...

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