Friday, March 09, 2018

Stories below the fold

the important stories being ignored in the press

AmericanThinker (conservative site) summarizes the importance of a visit to Egypt by the crown prince from Saudi.

Egypt has traditionally been a center for Muslim intellectuals, and this is one step to counter the extremism that has taken over that religion.


Immigration with or without papers is a world wide problem: but most of the finger pointing is against Trump. In contrast, it was okay for Obama to deport 2.7 million illegal migrants during his time in office, because his heart was pure.

Saudi had an amnesty for illegal foreigners, and is now busy deporting them: 700 thousand left during the amnesty, and 670 thousand since the amnesty ended.
the main problem is deporting OFW's often lets their employers get away with not paying their salaries etc.

according to Wikipedia, guess which country has the most illegal immigrants living there? India...
and the Philippines has 100 thousand illegal Chinese immigrants...


SP has an essay on China's Xi's takeover of the gov't.


BabyTrudeau's courts have not only allowed a broad range of killing of patients, but they will prosecute docs if they refuse to cooperate, meaning that their law is more radical than other countries.

expect to see lots of sob stories about couples offing themselves so they could die together, or about senile old ladies who are being denied euthanasia. The propaganda will persuade a lot of depressed people they are doing a good deed to kill themselves and no longer burdern their kids who don't want to care for them.

and think of all the money you will save!

once this idea becomes common, you will see medical personnel offing people they think are better off dead. I know of two cases where outside (non IHS) docs tried to persuade families to starve their elderly to death because they had strokes. In both cases, the doctors were told off by locals: We don't do things like that here: we Indians care for our elders.

which is why our people often refused to sign living wills or DNR orders... and "bioethicists" lament this is a problem in the AfricanAmerican community too. and the article wonders why (I can explain why in one word: Tuskegee).


Archbishop Romero is to be declared to be a saint.

this film shows what he faced: and notice the atrocities are by both sides. I can't watch the film, because the ambush resembled the one that killed some of our missionaries when I was in Africa...

He was killed by a gov't hit squad, our people when I was in Africa were killed by both sides of the war, and in Mexico, a dozen priests have been killed by drug gangs in recent years for opposing violence.

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