Monday, April 30, 2018

Culture wars? What culture wars?

The WH press dinner's jokes were over the top, and got a lot of coverage from both Drudge and Instapundit.

I was too busy to follow the story yesterday, but GetReligionBlog, which covers journalism stories on religion (which often don't "get" religion) has a summary here.

This disaster in the public square was not about Trump. Play close attention to the nasty, personal attacks last night on several key members of this administration and their families – in some cases because of their religious beliefs.
Again, this is not political for me. I am mad and sad today because this hellish event (a) helped Trump with his most loyal fans, (b) did further damage to American public discourse (obviously the Tweeter In Chief deserves blame too) and, most of all, (c) undercut efforts to defend journalism's First Amendment role in American life among news consumers in zip codes inside the two coasts.
As a journalist, I am furious.

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