Monday, April 30, 2018

Family news: Happy Fiesta

Fiesta time!

the local patroness is the "Divina Pastora", i.e. the holy shepherdess.

History of the statue and how locals adopted Mama Mary under this name HERE.

photos of the celebration here.

And here is the parade.

yesterday, they already had the kiosks put up and crowds at the city square. I usually walk the dogs around the south part of the square, and it is difficult because of traffic, and also because they want to chase all the local dogs who also visit to eat the dropped food.

Traditionally, folks return to their homes for the fiesta, so we are full of visitors.

In the past, Lolo used to have his friends stay here, and they would sit around drinking whiskey or soda and playing cards all night.

As WWII veterans, they usually would march in the parade.

Then, time moved on, and the number of friends dwindled, and they sat in a car for the parade, then nothing. Sigh.

the family usually holds a feast for the fiesta, and a reunion, but with Jordan marrying, some of them will come next month for the big wedding instead.

It is now "Tag-Init", hot season before the monsoon starts so I usually didn't last long watching the parade.

once the monsoon starts, the fields will be flooded, the weeds plowed under, and prepared with fertilizer etc, and then the rice seedlings are planted by hand in the mud for the main harvest (the winter harvest is usually planted by just sowing seeds, probably because before pumps and dams you never were sure if the rice would grow. Now we irrigate and get a good harvest).

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