Friday, April 13, 2018

Medical stuff

Links to stuff I posted on my medical blog:

Marijuana in workers (or why are so many unemployed ignored?)

14% of workers use pot, which might be a problem in some industries..
But if Colorado brags about a 2-2% Unemployment rate, why are 43 percent of those surveyed out of work?
No answers to this, just questions.


US Civil war: disease also kills 


ByeBye Guinea worm.

A nasty parasite, which is being eradicated thanks to Jimmy Carter.


a couple of outbreaks in Africa. Should we worry?

Yeah. Blame the docs for street drug overdoses.

Everything costs more.

no conclusions just links to articles on the possible reasons.

Not in that article: The "doctor" cost will go down because the HMO/Obamacare types will make you see a nurse practitioner instead, and she will follow guidelines, not fight them like we ornery docs.

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