Friday, April 13, 2018


The Pope has issued another letter (that no ordinary person will read, of course) and his minions and even the "conservatives" love it. (despite snide remarks about those who seek to follow God's rules are "rigid", or those seeking to pray in silence are selfish, or denying abortion is a worse sin than poverty, never mind poverty is a social sin, not a personal decision).

I tend to be the "active" hands on Catholic, serving others. But now that I am retired, he isn't talking to me. Nope. Only SJW are good. And of course, he is talking to the educated elite of the west, not the majority of Christians, even in the west, who serve God in the duty of our daily lives.

FatherZ discusses. and here he is happy that the Pope who denied there is a hell, admits there is a devil.

Or does he? Lawyer AnnAlthouse, a non Christian, who often parses language in articles, analyzes exactly what he said.

There's a difference between saying the devil is not just a myth and what the Pope did say: we should not think of the devil as a myth. It's a "mistake" to "think of the devil as a myth" not because you'd be factually wrong but because we'd "let down our guard... grow careless and end up more vulnerable."
actually the Pope talks about the devil quite a bit and is pushing exorcisms. That said, my problem with him is that he doesn't push ethics.

Marcus Aurelius, call your office. Confucius is on the line.

For later reading: Michael O'Brien on apostasy.

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