Friday, May 11, 2018

Israel 1: Iran's Qud 0

For later reading: StrategyPage on the Israeli strike on the Iranians in Syria, in retaliation for their attack on Israel, while the Arab countries quietly cheer them on.

If Iran gets the bomb, the Saudis will buy one too, and then you will see a real danger. How does that Arab saying go: The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Long and complicated, to read after a cup or two of coffee.

Iran is resettling people from other countries into Syria so they have a friendly population there: Hmm...

Iran is financing a resettlement operation in Syria that brings in Shia families from Lebanon, Afghanistan and elsewhere to replace the third of the Syrian population that fled the country during the civil war. Nearly all these refugees were Sunni Arabs and the Assads (who are Shia) don’t want them back

a lot of Afghans fled to Iran when the Taliban ran the place, and although most returned after the northern tribes with US help threw them out, some stayed, and are a problem (i.e.drug runing and crime). And Iran has hired a lot of them to fight in Syria...

and I ran across this at GP from an anti Iran site, so it might be fake news: Iran is sending boxes of 100 dollar bills to their proxy militias to hire thugs to cause trouble in Iraq. Hmm... where could they have gotten all that cash? (update: Nah, Obama said he got around sancgions by using non American currancy. So probably from banks looted during the various Iraq wars.... Ironically,right not, the Iranian currancy is tanking and people are buying US dollars for safety, so they are in short supply there.

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