Monday, June 18, 2018

Fake News: Stories that leave out the important details

This is the headline. Play a game of "who is the suspect" in a mass shooting.

Racist white guy? Muslim ISIS wanna be? illegal immigrant?

The local paper identifies him as an ex convict who had killed before and has ties with a faction of the "bloods" gang.

the real "black lives matter" problem is not overzealous police, but that no one cares that criminals kill people as long as the victim is black: Like Chicago, crime is common in Trenton, but these crimes don't fit the meme, so don't expect the MSM to keep an eye on the case.

and this is not new: It was going on when I interned in the inner city 50 years ago.

There were two collisions in Navy vessels last year, and the press did note some captains got punished for negligence.

The backstory however is more disturbing:

the ones who actually were negligant were the officers of the deck and the person supposed to be monitoring radar to warn about collisions.

The US Navy performed tests on these type of deck officers to see if there was a problem, and found a lot of them failed the test.

Stars and Stripes headline:
‘Glaring deficiencies’ and ‘decision paralysis’: Navy finds seamanship incompetencies in junior deck officers

really, really bad. They passed a paper test, but failed in the "real time" testing.

TheOtherMcCain had a "headsup" pointing out even more background: the ones actually in charge at the time (Officer of the deck and the one supposed to be monitoring radar) were women, and some navy guys suspect they were pushed into their jobs prematurely because the emphasis was on "Gender integration"
rather than competency, but the widespread failure of deck officers to pass the test show there is a need to priortize skills for all deck officers in the Navy.


Forget the possible smoking guns in the IG Report: Ann Althouse puts her "grammar police" cap on and finds the FBI guilty as charged.
...FBI Attorney 2 said “Hell no” and “Viva le resistance.”
If that's supposed to be French, the word is "vive" not "viva," and "resistance" should have the feminine article, "la," not "le."
If it's Spanish, "viva" is fine, there's no "le" in Spanish, "resistance" is not the Spanish word, and it's still feminine, so "la" would be the proper article.
I'm seeing "Viva le resistance" repeated a lot — like here, at Instapundit — and I'm getting tired of looking at something so formally ignorant.


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