Monday, June 18, 2018

Family news

Joy and Ruby are due back tonite.

Monday is Palenke day, when the vendors set up shop in the streets near the Palenke.... (if you wonder where your used clothes go, and get mad when you are told they were sent to Asia to be sold, don't get mad: It gives locals a choice between cheap clothing from China and the overpriced but cheaply made stuff in the local mall...

So I bought Kuya some polo type shirts.

 He wanted to come and shop and pick the ones he wanted, but his back still hurts, so I went without him, figuring if he doesn't want them, I'll use them as nightgowns, or he can give them to the local farmers to wear, since working they like lose shirts.

it is monsoon season, so lots of rain, but luckily this morning it was clear.

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