Sunday, June 10, 2018

Pope Francis' Alinsky tactics strike again

The German bishops wanted to "reform" the church, so they held a bishop's meeting on the family and tried to sneak their agenda (easy divorce) into the meeting, but got caught.

They snuck it into a footnote of one of the Pope's 300 page tomes, presumably figuring no one will read the whole thing, and that has caused mischief, but never mind.

why should anyone worry about such a minor thing?  Let the Pottawatomie explain why.

The problem goes beyond divorce/sexual issues and directly into the Eucharist. Is the bread and wine the body and blood of Christ, or is it just a feel good symbol?

But anyway, the next agenda is of course wimenpriests. And married priests.

and that will be done by fiat by an Alinsky tactic, a slight of hand via the "Amazon" meeting that is scheduled.

OnePeterFive has the report here

Ah, the Amazon.

Remember those nasty Protestants who are trying to stop the Amazon tribes from killing their kids that I wrote about?

Wonder why these bishops say nothing about it in the paper?

uh, maybe because like the PC anthropologists who are defending these murders, or like the PC feminists who defend FGM of 13 year old girls under the guise of "choice", they are unable to tell the difference between right and wrong.

again from 1pet5:
 the document highlights that we, the Catholic Church, can learn from those indigenous peoples. It highlights the role of “Wise elders – called interchangeably ‘payĆ©s, mestres, wayanga or chamanes,’ among others” who “promote the harmony of people among themselves and with the cosmos.” In light of the papal encyclical Laudato si and its attentiveness to putative ecological problems in the world, and thus to the need for an “ecological conversion,” the indigenous people are being presented as someone we should listen to and learn from...
longer rant at my bitchblog.

ok folks: Sing along with me:

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