Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sigh. FGM: Feminists take note

I had two blogposts about the "modern" feminists in anthropology saying we should let primitive Amazon tribes kill their babies.

But a much bigger problem is that some of these feminists are insisting that female genital mutilation is okay too.

women chose to do it? Duh. You mean a 13 year old girl whose mom and grandmother hold her down while she screams is chosing this procedure to be done? HELL0!

No, not the minimum cut that is the equivalent to male circumcision, which has health advantages in countries where dust and lack of water are a problem, but the actual removal of the entire nether parts of women, to keep them under control.

Again, this is discussed in "Get Religion".

Source article at the Media Project here.

WHO has an article about it here: No advantage, only harm.

I have written about this many times, mostly on my medical blog due to the graphic nature of the problem.

Here is one essay where I note the PC feminists are defending the procedure.

in this one I link to a BBC article and add my experience in dealing with women who had such complications.

and yes, some doctors in the western world are doing it on girls: Partly because if they don't, the parents will take the girls back to their native countries to have it done where they might die.

For Muslim girls, the prophet, recognizing that it would be done no matter what he said, recommended just to cut a little, so a simple slit would do for religious reasons.

this article describes the fight in modern Egypt.

But the procedure predates Islam and Christianity, and it is the grandmothers you have to educate. IF they say "no", no one will dare oppose them, not even their fathers.

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