Monday, March 01, 2021

Yum. Ramen movie of the week

 An R rated movie about food? Where the quest for the perfect Ramen soup is the plot?

Yup. Tampopo is back, and will be re released soon. 

But you can find it on youtube.


most Yanks only know it as "spaghetti soup" aka ramen instant noodles. 

and it is only broth and noodles. You have to add the veggies etc. on your own.

here, the instant noodles come in different flavours, including hot and spicy, and a version that is "pancit noodles", i.e. not a lot of broth but with soy and oil to add after cooking. 

But when you eat it here, usually it has meat or wontons and is called  "mami soup", after the Chinese gentleman who introduced it in Manila.


And if you get NetFlix, you might want to check out the Midnight restaurant series, about a small restaurant in the RedLight district of Tokyo, and his customers.


someone posted one of the episodes on youtube. (Try not to cry). 


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